Partners ! (Job)

Zweispace Project is now looking for partners in the following position.

■GM of Ad Sales

Advertisement and Web App Sales experience in leading internet company.

■Ad Sales Stuff

Opening account with leading CEOs of real estate company in Japan and world

■Sales Assistant

Assisting Sales team  managing web sites as well.


Global PR , global conference and media relation etc.


・Web Architect, experience in leading global internet company, in related field at least 7 years , Protocol~erverCenter



・IoT Apps Developer, Linux, UNIX, C, Python, etc(recruited summer 2018)

・AI Apps Developer (Some)

・Blockchain, Fintech engineer( implemented 2018)


■WEB Designer, Front end Coder

experience in related field at least 3 years

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch

Part time(student OK) ¥1,000/hour





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