Fintech Tokyo 2015-2016


Bitcoin was said to be invented by Satoshi Nakamura,  sounds like a Japnaese name. There are weekly gathering in Tokyo of bitcoin users, fintech entrepreneur and developers. Before the unfortunate incident at Mt. Gox exchange, Japanese has been away from Bitcoin for long. But recent accelerated investments in Fintech companies in New York and other major financial cities, IT professionals in Tokyo finally started to show the first step. Private blockchain with redundant storage servers in different geographical locations will be offered by a listed company for free for beta testing and 770,000 yen per month for commercial service. Blockchain technology, or just a code, or chains of codes, is one of the key features of Bitcoin, and is actually the most appealing one for the management of financial institutions. So they figured out that’s the solution and answer for the crowded “what is block chain?” followers, but rather than seeing happy ending, some of those start to invest searching for new attractive technologies and ventures fro Fintech. In my view, It will be most applicable to Trust system and Remittance. I saw a philipino woman exchanged yen to bitcoin for about USD500 at a bar the other day, maybe she send it to someone special. As Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting said,   ….. drastically underestimate the impact of …… Fintech revolutions.  Lots of leaders started to pay attention to these movement. Larry Summers, played as Dean of Harvard at the time of social network movie, joined Bitcoin start up Xapo. Some of my ex-co-workers seems to be leading in U.S. and will be in Tokyo. Venture funds lots in Hong Kong, Singapore, California, and lots of contacts started to happen in Tokyo. Although the technology is nothing new, the fact that American finally started to recognize the impact of internet based financial services and the power of it, created a instant boom of investment to anykind, before realizing and says ” Oh, are we in Titanic anyway?” and I would say, “J.P. Morgan was not.”




Thanks  for reading. I have lots of topics to talk and will try to find and pick the hot one. Please advise me which one or are can be.   Kei Hyatt

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